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Shipping Costs

 The following Postal Rates & Policy  will apply to your order:

 All orders using Royal Mail Packet Rate and including packaging 

   0.000Kg   to   0.75Kg    = £3.80 small parcel

   0.751KG   to   1.00Kg      = £4.70

   1.001Kg     to   1.25Kg    = £5.75

   1.251Kg     to   1.50Kg    = £6.75

   1.501Kg     to   2.00Kg    = £8.00

   2.001Kg     to   4.00Kg    = £9.25

   4.001Kg     to   6.00KG   = £13.80

(If you are looking to place small orders for accessories etc, we may be able to reduce Postal Costs, please contact by email/phone with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible) 

As follows some orders may be shipped within  Royal Mail LARGE LETTER Rates as follows(Peco,Metcalfe etc)

LETTER – Max:353mm(L) X 250mm (W) X 25mm (D)

Weight up to            First Class     Second Class

100gm                        £1.49               £1.17   

250Gm                        £1.70               £1.60  

500Gm                        £2.15               £1.90

750gm                        £2.80               £2.40

PACKET – Over:353mm(L) X 250mm (W) X 25mm (D)

750gm                         £3.20               £2.70

1Kg*                            £4.50               N/A

1.25Kg                        £5.85                N/A

1.5Kg                          £6.70                N/A      

1.75Kg                        £7.75                N/A

2Kg                              £8.55                N/A

4Kg                              £10.55                N/A    

* Maximum weight for Second Class is 1Kg  












  For International Postage costs contact by email for up to the minute Postage Charges

































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