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E-Z Dynamis Pro-Box Upgrade

E-Z Dynamis  Pro-Box Upgrade

Product Information

Code:36-508  E-Z Command Dynamis Pro-Box  Upgrade RRP:£192.10 

This unit is an upgrade for the Dynamis Controller 36-505 (Required) unleasing the potential of the Dynamis system with functionality comparable with the most powerful DCC sytems currently available.

The Dynamis system has been designed on a modular basis from the outset,allowing new modules to be developed and added easily.The Dynamis Pro upgrade is supplied with an expander module allowing up to 5IR modules to be connected,plus one addtional IR module and extension cable. The Pro box is designed to fit beneath the Command Centre in a stack,communicating through the multi-way connector underneath the command centre box. Upgrading to Dynamis pro allows the attachment od up to 5 IR sensors,eliminating range and line in sight issues on even the largest layouts,plus allwing for up to four Dynamis hansets (36-507) to be registered,giving additional operators full access to your layout. In addition it is equipped with the ECoslink high speed data bus interface and has a programming track output.



Price: £135.00

Product Code: 36-508
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